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Stacked arms <3


Maybe you already know this, or maybe not… but I love the stacked arms trend, I actually love it even since waaaay before it was a trend.

You know in Mexico {where I’m from} there’s tons and toooons of regional artists that make braided/knotted thread bracelets, that are amazingly cheap {like 10 pesos each = 0.50 EUR}… so I guess because of that in Mexico those bracelets where everything BUT chic or nice… it was more for the cholos, nacos and hippies

I used to love wearing a bunch of them but my friends called me piñata* because of that :P and I eventually I grew more into the “less is more” motto and started wearing wisely-chosen pieces only.

Now that it’s a trend… you see these 10 pesos bracelets on the wrists of amazingly classy women wearing high couture and I’m like “heyyy I want my bracelets back!!” but since now it is IN these friggin bracelets cost a fortune {of course there are some that use beautiful + expensive materials but still} and I’m not in Mexico to buy myself a bunch of cheap-ies…

So I decided that since I can’t afford the crazy expensive ones… I’m gonna make an attempt to make my own bracelets… of course it won’t be exactly the same but still…

As a pre-teen I used to make bunches and bunches of them, so I was sure that by now I would have made like 50 to cover my arms already BUT turns out making bracelets is not like riding a bike… if you stop practicing you DO actually lose the hability… I didn’t expect this but I’m now extremely slow and clumsy at making them {plus I already forgot all the amazing knots I used to know} SO, so far I’ve made only two and I’m trying to make a 3rd {pictured below} but that I have to undo and start from cero cuz it’s not working out….

Well anyways I think I’m gonna start carrying around my little bracelet “kit” and make bracelets in the park or something… hopefully I’ll regain practice and make a bunch of them to happily look like a PIÑATA AGAIN :D

*in Mexico it is common to say that someone looks like a “piñata” when he/she accessorizes way too much to the point of looking tacky… in my case they were just teasing, they were harmless jokes ^^

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