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After days and days of being sick, yesterday I finally got to go out. I’m really disappointed cause I missed the week of snow in Paris, and seems like it’s gonna continue to be freezing but without the beautiful snow to play with…

Anyways, here I leave you with a few pics I randomly took in on my favorite streets of the city… Rue Montorgueil

It’s been so long since the last time I did a post with random pictures like these 1,2,3 instead of an outfit post… I hope you like it :)








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PFW Street Style by Florian Ferré


[Marianne from StyleDevil]

Hi guys! As you all might know, we’re in fashion week season and some of you know how much I love going and doing some street style shots for the blog.

Well this time, I had to experience the Fashion Week in a different way. Since I’m actually an intern at Felipe Oliveira Baptista I got the amazing chance to witness the whole creative process from the search of inspiration to the finishing of the actual collection {which I love}. Due to that, I have been working like crazy, first in helping in the preparation for the Fashion Show and now I’m working in the showroom.

But well I’ll tell you more about this later…

The point is that, due to all this crazy schedule I’ve had to work til late hours and in the weekend, which didn’t allow me to go sightseeing at a few shows. 

But the lovely boyfriend did! So he went this saturday to take some photos  outside Viktor & Rolf so that I could get to see a bit of it, and as well to share some photos with you.

So well I hope you like them as much as I do!

[Elisa Naliln]

[Stunning Magdalena Jasek]

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[Irina Kravchenko]

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[Fashe Zine]

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Fashion School!


Remember the 1, 2, 3 posts of the photos I took a day on the PFW ss12? Well here are some more photos that didn’t make the original cut… hope you like them!!

In another subject I wanna share with you the fact that I’m thrilled but panicking because in exactly one week I FINALLY enter school to do a Postgraduate in International fashion management :D I cannot explain how excited but nervous I am! 

It’s like the first day of highchool… I’m freaking out!

Does anyone have any advice on how to go to school next week without feeling a huge knot in my stomach? :P

1.You gotta love these two colors together/ 2. Beautiful hair at Valentino/ 3. I wanna make this necklace!/ 4. JC litas 4ver!/ 5. Bowler hat+Pearls/ 6. One hell of a cross neck-party/ 7. Valentino studs/ 8. Girly details/ 9. Neon hair elastics/ 10. Chunky golden bracelets/ 11. Stunning/ 12. Sequins/ 13. Chanel’s pearls on Jacquelyn Jablonsk/ 14. Yellow everywhere/ 15. Neon ponytail

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