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Fashion School!


Remember the 1, 2, 3 posts of the photos I took a day on the PFW ss12? Well here are some more photos that didn’t make the original cut… hope you like them!!

In another subject I wanna share with you the fact that I’m thrilled but panicking because in exactly one week I FINALLY enter school to do a Postgraduate in International fashion management :D I cannot explain how excited but nervous I am! 

It’s like the first day of highchool… I’m freaking out!

Does anyone have any advice on how to go to school next week without feeling a huge knot in my stomach? :P

1.You gotta love these two colors together/ 2. Beautiful hair at Valentino/ 3. I wanna make this necklace!/ 4. JC litas 4ver!/ 5. Bowler hat+Pearls/ 6. One hell of a cross neck-party/ 7. Valentino studs/ 8. Girly details/ 9. Neon hair elastics/ 10. Chunky golden bracelets/ 11. Stunning/ 12. Sequins/ 13. Chanel’s pearls on Jacquelyn Jablonsk/ 14. Yellow everywhere/ 15. Neon ponytail

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